Sundays LIVE on B95.5 (WYJB-Albany, NY)



Truly an amazing pleasure having lasted well over 25 years in radio and still enjoy; broadcasting today, as much as I did the first time I cracked open the microphone: 5/29/1993. Radio is home for me; I constantly listened as a child and with my portable record player: I'd play DJ: spinning my 45's for my fake radio show on Stay Alive with 105 (as well as, doing baseball play-by-play, whilst playing pitch and catch with a tennis ball off the garage door.)  

My Professional move into commercial radio began in the fall of 1992 at The New School of Contemporary Radio. Upon graduating in the spring of 1993, I landed my first radio gig less than two months later at WVAY (Triple A) in West Dover, VT. In September of 1995, I added the legendary WABY (Adult Standards) to my WVAY air shift. I remained with both stations until August 1996, when I left Vermont radio. WABY was sold in 1998 and that put me on-the-air at K-LITE (Soft Rock) and eventually, 100.9/100.3 THE POINT (HOT AC). Both stations were owned by the same broadcast company. In fall 2001, I enjoyed a long over-do welcome into rock radio, spinning music that’s near and dear to me heart. The next nine years were gladly spent at the following hard rocking stations: 94 ROCK (Classic Rock), THE BONE (Classic Rock), and THE EDGE (Active Rock) respectively. Since 2010, I have been proudly entertaining the Albany radio market at the top-rated B95.5 (Soft Rock).  

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